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Hair Salon Styling Chair Model 24

Any Color Fabric | Optional Head Rest | Optional Tilt Back| Special Makeup chair Height Available | Any Base | Custom  Logo Embroidery | Optional Transparent or Matching Protective Cover | Optional Foot Rest*

Salon Styling Chairs

Finest Quality Available

Matching Bar Stool Height Makeup Chairs

5 Year Warranty on Hydraulic Lift

High Grade Stainless Steel Base (Black & Chrome Available)

High End Foam (Used in Automotive Industry)

Meets Fire Resistance Standards

All Models Have “Hair Gap” for Easy Hair Removal

Precision Fit from Factory / No assembly Required

When shopping for Hair Salon Styling Chairs you have several choices. You can buy cheap and live with poorly performing chairs that lack comfort for your client, need pumping to keep in position and that look worn out within 6 months. Long term you will spend more and live day to day with something that distracts from your business. Some even Smell Bad! Yes, that terrible chemical smell will be the only part of the chair that last forever. The second choice is a higher priced unit that is made pretty good but lacks design. Sure it will last and perform as needed but it will never win a beauty contest and we all know the Look of your salon (photos of chairs in upscale salons) sets the price clients expect to pay. The third choice is a chair like I sell. A seldom seen combination of beauty and outstanding engineering. Designed and manufactured by Greiner, a 95 year old family owned business who’s byline is “We Design Quality”. What else can I say.

A Brand You Can Trust. Follow Links Below to Learn About Greiner.

Greiner began in 1922 manufacturing metal parts for hairdresser chairs and furniture frames. In the 1960’s they began their own line of salon chairs with hydraulic pumps. In the 1970’s they began producing a line of medical chairs and later custom auto seats in the 1980’s. Follow the links above to see how amazing this manufacturer really is! You can feel 100% secure in the overall quality and design of the salon products I sell.

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Hair Salon Styling Chair
Model 55
Stylist Chair with hydraulic lift
Model 35
Model 58 Styling Chair
Model 58
Chair Model 94
Model 94
Model 24 Hair Salon Chair
Model 24
Hairdresser Chair with hydraulic lift
Model 36
Model 59 salon chair
Hairdresser Chair Model 29
Model 29
Model 56 hairdresser styling chair
Model 56
Salon Chair Model 37
Model 37
Salon Chair With Hydraulic Lift
Model 33
Chair Model 22
Model 22
Hair Salon Chair Model 21
Model 21

Barber's Chair with Hydraulic Lift and Tilt

Model 903 Barber Chair
Barber's Chair Model 923 Leg Rest Moves with Tilt Back
Model 903 Barber Chair
Barber's Chair Model 923 Leg Rest Moves with Tilt Back
Barbers chair 904
Barber's Chair Model 904

Spa Chairs

Spa Chair,Mani-Pedi
Cosmolore Spa With Trolley
All in one salon chair

Ceramic Shampoo Bowl and Chair: Optional Massage | Light Panels | Electric Leg Lift | Raised Bed

Ceramic Basinb Shampoo chair
Tondolore Shampoo Chair
Ceramic basin shampoo chair
Variolore Shampoo Chair
Shampoo chair
Cosmolore Shampoo Chair
LED side panel with optional logo
Cosmolare LED Shampoo Chair
Bench Style shampoo chairs
Tondolore Bench Style
higher quality ceramic basin
Cosmolore II / Match for Chair Model 58