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Salon Styling Chairs, Italian Style, German Quality


Higher Quality Hair Salon Chairs, Makeup & Brow Chairs. Backwash Shampoo Couch with Tilting Ceramic Basin and Massage.


for hair salon

Model 24 (above) as low as $59.00-$79.00 per month for 33 month lease to own. Zero Down!
4 Chairs + 1 Tondolore Shampoo Chair with Electric Leg Lift.$239.00-$309.00 monthly. 8 Chairs + 2 Tondolore Shampoo Chairs with BOTH Electric Leg Lift and Massage:$515.00-$667.00 monthly.



Hair Salon Styling Chairs with Hydraulic Lift

If you are interested in purchasing the finest salon styling chairs you can find then you came to the right place. All of the chairs you see are engineered to last. They are crafted in Germany using the finest materials available. Aircraft grade Stainless steel, high-density foam, and coverings that meet all flame resistance standards. (this is a serious issue for many low-cost imports) The hydraulic base comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, PLUS 1 additional year from Salon Chair Cafe.  You won’t find a 5 or 6-year warranty anywhere else. Each chair is manufactured by Greiner, a company that has been in the salon chair business over 90 years. As you can imagine you need a really good product to keep a family business over 3 generations. These amazing chairs are not cheap but are well worth the investment.
The best “deal” is purchasing 3 or more pieces and we can offer larger discounts based on volume and free shipping. Single units must be sent by DHL air and will include a $350.00 expedite shipping fee to help cover the transportation. On the other hand, they arrive  24 hours after shipping at your front door. A very nice bonus!

Hydraulic Makeup Chairs

An EXCLUSIVE for Salon Chair Cafe!

Makeup is a high-profit service all salons should be offering. Until now most had to settle for directors chairs or bar stools to get the client into the required position for makeup  application. This is not acceptable for a high-end salon so we developed a line of makeup chairs that match our salon styling chairs. The main difference is the base is much higher. It starts about the height most salon chairs max out. The average is 25-33 inches, depending on model and is adjusted using the hydraulic lift to get the perfect height for each client.  When you add in the optional tilt back, headrest and footrest you have the perfect makeup and brow chair. The only difference between the makeup chair and styling chair is the shape options for the base. Makeup chairs are limited to the floor mount style, round and square base. The star was not stable enough to pass the required safety test in the highest position so it is not an option.

Brow chair: The tilt back is a must have if doing brows. Many but not all models offer it. Please call if you don’t see the option listed for the chair you want.

German Salon Styling Chairs

Why German Made?

So why do I go to all the trouble to import these chairs? Simple answer, because they were the best value I could find. For me, the true value is a combination of looks, quality, and price. A low price is seldom the best value as I have learned first-hand over the years. I researched many brands and there are well made American products but most lack the style I was looking for. Italian chairs have the look and quality but get really costly and many had very long delivery times. My German made line has the overall value I wanted to be associated with as well as fast turnover for placing orders and amazing styles. They also carry a complete line of replacement parts just in case something is needed.

Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room…China Made Chairs!

I am sure you are wondering about China made products. The few China made lines I compared were not much lower in cost after you paid for all the upgrades needed , such as better coverings, better foam, better hydraulics, better coatings, thicker chrome, higher grade stainless, but still built on the cheaper,  frame with softer metal components that strip easier. I am not saying you can’t get acceptable quality from China but overall the theme is to keep it cheap. Some of those $500.00 chairs you see actually wholesale for under $75.00. A higher end chair can provide flawless service for 10-15 years. A lower quality chair begins to show age in about 6 months and will be very worn 18 months later. The really cheap chairs (under $250.00 retail) are lucky to even fit together. Sure they get 4-star reviews because people hate to admit they made a bad purchase and many others simply don’t know what quality should look and feel like. 

salon chair-makeup chair

backwash shampoo chair

Shampoo Chairs With Tilt Ceramic Basin

Shampoo Chairs

What Makes The Ultimate Shampoo Couch?
Massage & Electric Leg Lift is a start!

Variolore, Cosmolore and Tondolore are the names of our selection of shampoo chairs. They are all built with inner steel frames for many years of use. (Many lower priced models are thin wood and fiberglass. No real frame structure) All have oversized ceramic basins in either white or black finish. The basin has a tilt feature and all are backwash styles designed for underfloor plumbing. You may extend the plumbing lines from under the basin if underfloor plumbing is not an option.  In addition, each model can be equipped with an electrically adjustable leg rest and massage. All are available in a bench style reducing the overall width of multiple units. Attachment to the floor is required for safety due to the extreme weight of the basin.

Variolore is the standard all other shampoo chairs try to live up to. Standard is the electrically adjustable leg rest and unique height adjustment allowing the shampoo technician to raise the chair up about 5.5 inches. The client can be in either a sitting position or lying position during the shampoo process. In addition dual massage in both the seat and back is optional. 

The Cosmolore is available in 4 different variations. First is the Cosmolore LED which has softly lit panels on each side with the option of back lighting your logo design. Second is Cosmolore II which is the match for chair model 58. Next is Cosmolore Individual which has special side panels available in different colors. Last is the original design which is the base all the others are built from. 

Tondolore is the most modern look consisting of soft flowing lines. As with all the models you select a single color or two tone that fits your salon design. Clear or matching custom fit protective covers are also available.


All In One ~ Mani ~ Pedi ~ Hair ~ Makeup* Chair

Spa Chair

Model 94 is available as an “All In One” design. It has a special Manicure hand rest attached which is the same piece used on our cosmolore spa chair. It fits with the Spa Trolly which has a leg rest and foot bath. The back is adjustable and the entire seat moves as the backrest reclines. The head rest is also included. This chair is standard height but is used in Europe as a Hair | Mani-Pedi |Makeup* | Brow chair.
*The US standard for makeup chairs  is several inches higher. This model is normal hairdressing chair height.

manicure,pedicure,styling chair

Spa chair

Cosmolore Spa

Our elegant manicure, and pedicure chair feature an extra soft and comfortable upholstery. Options include a “wellness kit”, electric adjustable leg rest and single or dual massage units in the back and seat. A  Spa trolley and Spa table are also available.