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Salon /Chair with Hydraulic lift

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Model 24

Model 24 is a throwback to the design of Arne Jacobsen original Egg and Swan Chairs made in 1958 for the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany. While not a copy, the smooth flowing lines, and seamless curvature define this modern retro style.


Comfort is important. Clients may spend 2 or more hours in the chair. Poor quality foam and design are common reasons for both back and leg discomfort. This chair is very comfortable for the client. The high seat back provides support and the foam cushion provides the perfect balance of firm resilience and softness. This foam is high grade and will last for many years. It is NOT the kind of foam that becomes “flat” a few months after purchase. Foam quality is one factor that separates lower quality chairs from higher quality pieces that can’t be seen until months after purchase. Like all the chairs we sell this unit is delivered ready to use. It is assembled in Germany to guarantee everything is perfect. Open the box, remove the protective cover and get to work!

Tilt Back

Select the Tilt back option and you have even more positions to make your job easier. Other options include headrest and a clear or matching protective cover. You select the fabric color from our color chart and the base design. We offer 4 designs as well as a fixed post that can be bolted to your floor.

The base is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 5 Years is unheard of in this industry but so is the quality you are buying!  The base itself is high-grade stainless steel for years of service in your work area.

Makeup Chair

This unit is also available in “Bar stool Height” for use as a Makeup and Brow chair. Only difference is the base options do not include the star shape.

Reception Area

All chairs are available with a 5 star, non adjustable base. Options are slider feet or rolling castors with brake. Models 35,58 and 55 have standard chair legs as an option. A floor mount is also available for all salon chair styles.

Brown Chair
Red Chair
black salon chair
beauty salon equipment, two tone chair
beauty salon equipment, salon chair in beige

Please note: Color may vary depending on the calibration of your monitor. I have sample swatch available for most color choices.

Technical Data

Seat Height: 17.3″ – 24.8″

Depth: 21.65″

Width: 24.8″

Seat Depth: 18.5″

Seat Width: 19.68″

Weight: 29.76 lbs
Plus Base: 22-30 lbs

Price Information | Salon Styling Chair Model 24

Single Chair Purchase


Tilt back: + $100.00

DHL Air Expedited Shipping

Single pieces must be sent using air cargo. It is more costly but in return you receive 30-40 days faster. Please use the Single Chair price if purchasing 1 – 3 pieces. 4 or more units (can be mixed chairs + shampoo units) will ship by sea freight and be included in the total cost shown. No expedited shipping fee.
All chairs are made to order using your fabric selection, base choice and color.

6 Chair Purchase

$1375.00 each

Includes delivery to retail locations in most cities.

Purchase of several units allows me to reduce shipping and import cost that I can pass along. The “6 unit” price can be 6 chairs or a mix of chairs and shampoo units. Just so the total purchase is 6 pieces. Call for an exact total for mixed purchase.

12 Chair Purchase

$1295.00 each

Includes delivery to retail locations in most cities.

The volume price is for 12 units total. could be a mix of 10 styling chairs and 2 shampoo units. Call to get an exact price.