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Ceramic Basin Backwash Shampoo Chair
Ceramic Basin Backwash Shampoo Chair
Backwash description

Images of this Shampoo Unit in Salon

Kuntzmann Le Coiffeur in Switzerland

Ceramic Basin Backwash Shampoo Chair

The tondolore model is a “backwash” shampoo chair. This means the plumbing is run under the floor leaving a clear path to walk around the unit. You can stand in back or on the side.

Existing Plumbing Can’t be Moved

If you can’t run water lines under the unit, don’t worry. They can be run out the back directly under the basin and connect to the wall. Of course this will prevent the operator from standing in the backwash position.

Massage & Electric Leg Lift

Options include a electric leg rest and massage. For comfort if the optional foot rest is not purchased a foot stool is available and recommended for comfort.

Construction of this Shampoo Chair

I am sure you have see the cheap vinyl wash basins. Not quite a quality look for a salon. Next are your China imported ceramic basins. While a step up most of these are made of thin metal with a thin ceramic coating. A combination that simply does not last. This basin is as heavy as most of the entire shampoo units using the lower cost basin. In fact the basin is so heavy the unit MUST be bolted to the floor to prevent tip over from the weight. In addition to a higher quality basin, take a look at the heavy steel frame that holds everything together. No other seller will show you the inside of their units. That is because most are fiberglass frames with a little wood holding them together. You are buying a quality product!

Technical Details

Technical Drawing
Technical details of shampoo chair
Frame of salon shampoo chair
Frame of shampoo chair

Sample Images

White shampoo unit
Back of unit
With Leg Lift
multi color backwash photo
blue and white backwash shampoo
red shampoo backwash chair
bench unit
Clear cover on backwash unit
tondolore in blue
turquoise shampoo chair tondolore
bench style 2 seat