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Hair Salon Chair Model 35

See this Chair In Use at The Salon Below

This chair in use @ Kapper DE Mol in Belgium

Fixed to floor mount is shown.

Finest Quality Salon Chair Available

Matching Bar Stool Height Makeup Chairs

5 Year Warranty on Hydraulic Lift

High Grade Stainless Steel Base (Black & Chrome Available)

High End Foam (Used in Automotive Industry)

Meets Fire Resistance Standards

All Models Have “Hair Gap” for Easy Hair Removal

Precision Fit from Factory / No assembly Required

Hair Salon Chair Model 35

This is a simple chair with clean lines. A “puristic and functional chair” is how the designer describes it. Model 35 is available with three different armrest styles. Black varnished wood, foam or upholstered. When designing your hair salon many are going with a very clean look. White walls, allowing the products being shown to stand out as the focal point.  If you follow the link to the Kapper DE Mol salon in Belgium you will see an excellent example of this. In fact to take this look one step further they used the floor mount option eliminating the wide base seen on most chairs.

Salon Chair Model 35

Back view of salon chair model 35
Bright Orange
Chair Model 35 with Clear Cover
Hair Salon Chair Model 35

Technical Specifications

Seat Height:

18.10″ – 25.59″





Seat Depth:


Seat Width:



18.73 lbs + base

Price Information - Call for higher volume purchase

Single Chair

$1150.00 to $1225.00

DHL Air Expedited Shipping

Single pieces must be sent using air cargo. It is more costly but in return you receive 30-40 days faster.  About 48-72 hours after manufactured. Please use the Single Chair price if purchasing 1 – 3 pieces.

4 or more units (can be mixed chairs + shampoo units) will ship by sea freight. No expedited shipping fee.

6 Chair Purchase
( The $1225.00 model )

$1150.00 each

Free Delivery!
Includes delivery to retail locations in most cities.

The “6 unit” price can be 6 chairs or a mix of chairs and shampoo units. Just so the total purchase is 6 pieces. Example: 4 chairs + 2 shampoo units. Call for an exact total for mixed purchase.

12 Chair Purchase

$1075.00 each

Free Delivery!
Includes delivery to retail locations in most cities.

The volume price is for 12 units total.

Could be a mix of 10 styling chairs and 2 shampoo units. Call to get an exact price.